Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar is a favorite in our home, it makes everything just a little bit better.  We put it in coffee, tea, yogurt & granola, cereal, etc..  

You will need ...
                Cane Sugar
                Whole Vanilla Beans 
                Some sort of container

Fill the container with cane sugar, as much as you desire to make.
Cut a slit in the vanilla pod (For every three cups of sugar, add one bean.  You can always add more, though...), then scrape the beans into the container.  Then put the sliced vanilla pods in there as well.  You can give it a good shake, if you like, to incorporate the beans throughout the sugar.  
Wait.  Give it a few weeks, a month if you can.  The longer you wait, the more vanilla-y it will taste.  

My favorite way to enjoy vanilla sugar is in a cup of Lady Grey Tea, you ought to try it! 

Oh, and vanilla sugar is a great gift, too.  We've given a jar as teacher gifts, hostess gifts & party favors!

Mary Grace