Keep a Journal


  There's a certain feeling that comes when I put a pen to those blank pages that fill my journal.  I'm releasing something, but yet it is still within my grasp.  The story has been told, but I still anticipate what will happen next.  It's that moment when everything on my heart explodes on to the page, somehow making these musings more clear.

  Over time, this tangible collection of thoughts begins to grow until I've amassed an extraordinary amount of notes that, when put together, tell my story.  When read in order, they remind me of who I once was and where I have grown, learned and changed.  

  Journaling is the recording of our life stories.  These tales being made up of thoughts, memories, fears, joys, pains, and so forth.  The remembrance of our personal histories helps us grow as people.  Without something to look back on, how can we move ahead?  We remember our struggles, and see how they've been resolved.  We reflect upon our fears, and see how they have been overcome.  We are encouraged by the blessings and joys of the past, which presses us to hope for them in the future.  Looking back is what pushes us forward.
  Committing to keeping a journal can be daunting.  I have had ridiculously high expectations of myself, in the past, which led to my getting very frustrated if I did not meet these ideals.  I think there may be a bit of a misconception about journaling.  One that says to really keep a journal you must write pages upon pages per day and always say brilliant and poetic things.

  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  Journaling can be quick-notes, long chapters or short memories of things that have come to pass.  In recording these things, it ought to bring us joy - knowing that these things will be remembered.  We are forgetful creatures, but keeping a journal can help us remember the blessings and burdens that make up our life stories.  

  Keeping a journal is so very rewarding, I hope you will consider making note-taking a habit.  If you need an extra shove to get started, here are four journals that make me want to write notes in them (just because they're pretty).

This one, for one line every day.  This one, for writing out what's on your heart.  This one or this one, for when you travel or do something out-of-the-ordinary.

Mary Grace