Our Stories

    I have held back quite a bit lately, afraid to speak out.  To share struggles, offer encouragement, communicate my hopes and dreams - they don't flow off of my tongue.  I stutter, cut myself short, claiming that "that's all" or "I lost my train of thought".  Those are lies, that's not all of it and no thought has been lost.  No, I'm just scared.  I am worried that my words mean nothing or offer little.  I have believed that my story is insignificant, unnecessary, or lacking in value.  And here I am surrounded by crumpled papers of ideas that were rejected because I deemed them unworthy.  Unworthy of being heard, read, felt, said.  But that is a lie.  Every story is valuable because it, in its own unique way, communicates the beauties and graces that fill the everyday.  Perhaps they are not the funniest, most touching, scariest or most inspiring - but what does it matter?  When did I ever come to believe that the story I hold is not capable of touching a soul or creating a movement?  Who am I to remove its value?

    Our stories connect us.  We are united in our joys, sorrows, successes and failures because they remind us that we all face the same journey.  The tales of our adventures (and misadventures) are written in order that we might grow together through them.  They are gifts intended to draw us nearer to one another.  This hearing and telling leads us to realize the beauty of phrases such as "Really, you too?  I thought I was the only one," and "I had never thought of it that way."  They give us a chance to see something with new eyes or to discover that we are not alone in the fight.  Your story, my story, his story, hers, today's, tomorrow's and next year's have purpose.  We are united in them and through them.  They are unique, each tale has shaped our perspective and the sharing of many different perspectives lends itself to the learning and growing of others.  

    Your story is phrased the way it is because it will be used to declare beauty.

    Share your story.